[Bitcoin-segwit2x] F2Pool backing out of NYA - Fork still happening?

Scott Roberts wordsgalore at gmail.com
Sat Oct 14 12:03:10 UTC 2017

> if you think there's more "users" supporting segwit1x altcoin. Show me the proof with their Bitcoin holding amounts.

I defined users as "buyers and sellers of goods and services" and as
the 99% (as opposed to the 1% hodlers).  Probably 1% of the population
will always hold 90% of bitcoin. They may start loaning it out at
interest to gain an even higher percentage, decreasing the amount of
coin in the marketplace even further, further increasing their percent
ownership of society without effort.  People (users) as workers
contributing to society are notorious for not having enough savings,
and democracy replaced other systems by protecting them against the
1%, be they lords, rentiers, monopolies, bankers, or hodlers trying to
enforce a bitcoin monopoly.

Tech is so advanced, the capital of hodling speculators that increased
mining infrastructure was not needed except as a marketing tool to get
capital the fastest to create the most hashpower. The shift to fees
means the coin that pays the highest in total fees will be able to pay
the most "protection money".  So power will shift from hodlers to
users.  But meeting the demand of low fees per coin transferred for
the users and high total fees for the miners leads to bigger blocks
that lose security (if there is only one chain). So let chains
flourish to the chagrin of hodlers in order to lower fees per coin
transferred, increase security, eliminate the single-chain point of
failure, and get closer to the ideal of a constant value currency.

To what extent is hodler greed for a monopolistic coin the source of
the bickering? (be they SegWit1x, SegWit2x, or both)  Does anyone
really have future users in mind since it means doing things hodlers
will not like?

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