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I have NEVER seen a twitter poll on bitcoin that had a statistically relevant sample size. But also bear in mind that by it’s very nature, twitter creates bubbles where like minded people follow each other. Basing any analysis on what are effectively straw polls in a bubble will not yield any useful insights.

You’ll also do well reading the whitepaper (I suggest doing it with a clear mind, so a good rest beforehand would do you no harm).

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I apologize for my previous post. I just learned more about SegWit2x
and saw the twitter polls saying SegWit2x is not being defined by the
vast majority of people as "bitcoin". Majority usage is the definition
of a word. I recommend SegWit2x advocates stop calling it "bitcoin"
without qualification because it is trolling for disruptions to their
mailing list. BTW Adam Back's response was in no way trolling or
disruptive or off-topic like others were saying.
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