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> August 15, 2015:
> The developers of this [XT] pretender-Bitcoin claim to be following my
> original vision, but nothing could be further from the truth. When I
> designed Bitcoin, I designed it in such a way as to make future
> modifications to the consensus rules difficult without near unanimous
> agreement. .... Nearly everyone has to agree on a change, and they
> have to do it without being forced or pressured into it. By doing a
> fork in this way, these developers are violating the "original vision"
> they claim to honour.

Satoshi is not with us, and has not been for a while.

I think the quote you may be looking for is :


"Don't use this patch, it'll make you incompatible with the network, to
your own detriment.

We can phase in a change later if we get closer to needing it."

I'm not sure it's all that relevant, today.  Except that there are mixed
opinions on that last bit.

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