[Bitcoin-segwit2x] F2Pool backing out of NYA - Fork still happening?

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Right, "SPV wipeout protection" is inherently impossible for any 2X-agnostic wallet (a big target demographic for Jeff Garzik et al.) I would venture that this situation (weak wipeout protection) might be worse than no wipeout protection at all, as it is hypothetically possible that the two chains keep overtaking each other in terms of most work, and SPV wallets keep jumping back and forth. Let's hope that all wallets build in 2X-awareness to head off this attack vector.

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> There's a confusion about the term wipeout here.
> A full node, or a modified SPV wallet which explicitly checks the forking block, can use the "must [not] be big" requirement. If the 1x chain overtakes the 2x chain and such a node becomes aware of the 1x chain again, it will stay on the 2x chain.
> But an SPV wallet that doesn't check the block size and isn't behind a trusted node, would switch back to the 1x chain again. From the point of view of its user, their transaction history is wiped out. They could of course still export their private keys and use a full node wallet on either chain.
> This second scenario is less bad than a "true" wipe-out, where neither a 1x or a 2x full node would recognize the transaction history as valid. We should probably call this phenomon something else, to make it clear the SPV wallet got broken, but the funds are fine (ignoring replay issues). Maybe chain-snapping?
> Sjors
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