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Cedrick Perrigo cedrickperrigo at protonmail.com
Mon Oct 16 05:19:25 UTC 2017

This has been stated hundreds of times -- strong two-way RP won't happen on the segwit2x Bitcoin chain.

Chris, do you understand how human interaction works? Segwit2x working group owe you nothing. The thing you proposed only help yourself, but not the broader segwit2x Bitcoin community. It's just like you ask some random person on a street to give you one million dollars, and complain why they refuse to do so or even talk to you.

Stop begging.

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>>The terns of reference for the working group, as has been stated multiple times, is to avoid a network split.
> If there is consensus on one thing, I think we can all admit there is going to be a network split.
> Therefore, if this working group insists on creating an altcoin, it should have strong 2 way replay protection.
> -Chris
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