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First, have you ever looked at the BT1/BTC and BT2/BTC volume? Segwit2x Bitcoin constantly has 10 times more volume compared with segwit1x altcoin. Usually the market makes it so that trading volume and market price is aligned. This can be seen from coinmarketcap. Volume is less likely to be manipulated compared with price given the nature of BT1 and BT2. The conclusion we can get so far is at best indecisive. How is that in favor of you?

Second, what happened during the Clinton and Trump president election? Given the toxicity from Blockstream/Core's segwit1x altcoin, most people won't vote until the last minute. By the way, at that time, those in the future market on the Trump side made a good fortune.

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>>If the broader Bitcoin ecosystem is so against S2X, then why is virtually every Bitcoin business, with an “evil” CEO, booming and not losing customers in droves?
> The chain split hasn't happened yet. Businesses -- especially those that act as custodians -- will have to credit users with tokens on both chains. Those that aren't acting as custodians haven't had the opportunity to transact with the new segwit2x currency.
>>These facts belies the narrative that there is no support for Segwit2x, from a quantitative perspective. One could argue that the market is rallying now because of S2X.
> The closest thing we've had to a quantitative measurement is the bitfinex future token for the economic majority (I don't count custodians voting unilaterally on behalf of all their customers). Currently it is trading at ~0.85/1 BT1/BTC (bitcoin) and 0.15/1 BT2/BTC (segwit2x coin). I'm not saying that this future token is perfect -- there are problems with it's structure and some people don't trust bitfinex. I think it is a better indicator of support for the two coins rather than just saying price increase implies support for segwit2x.
> https://www.bitfinex.com/stats
> -Chris
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