[Bitcoin-segwit2x] PROPOSAL: B0RG (Bitcoin zero replay guarantee) - Ensuring a smooth 2X upgrade without a chain split

robtcspier1 at tutanota.com robtcspier1 at tutanota.com
Sun Oct 22 08:38:24 UTC 2017

21. Oct 2017 22:02 by bitpico at icloud.com:

> This is the SegWit2x mailing list; if you desire to discuss the legacy 1x chain this is not the place.

But this proposal draft primarily deals exactly with a soft fork on the *2x* chain - which, when accepted by hash power majority, would *also* imply a soft fork on the legacy chain. What is not on-topic about that?

This is an attempt to ensure a single chain going forward. As an upcoming brand war ("what is Bitcoin?") seems to be a major issue going forward when both chains are mined, it appears to me that a mandatory stopping of the respective other chain would help immensely with keeping Bitcoin intact - which implies keeping it in a single piece!

Note also that this should be symmetric: You either mine 1x (and stop 2x) or you mine 2x (and stop 1x).

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