[Bitcoin-segwit2x] PROPOSAL: B0RG (Bitcoin zero replay guarantee) - Ensuring a smooth 2X upgrade without a chain split

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Tue Oct 24 09:24:45 UTC 2017

All of the exchanges and the community have conceded that this fork will
result in two coins. They all decided to name the new one B2X.

There is no longer any reason to entertain the illusion of everyone
migrating, thus you are obligated to include strong replay protection at
this point. Otherwise you are choosing to be hostile and if you cause loss,
you may expose yourself to risks or recourse.

Thank you for understanding, I look forward to everyone playing nicely
together, as appropriate.

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> Hi,
> Can this proposal be done using merged mining?
> As far as I can see, only by hard forking btc1 once more.  The B0RG
> proposal has the advantage of being just a soft fork.
> Best regards,
> robtcspierre
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