[Bitcoin-segwit2x] PROPOSAL: B0RG (Bitcoin zero replay, guarantee) - Ensuring a smooth 2X upgrade without a chain split

Phillip Katete pekatete at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 24 14:40:05 UTC 2017

Samuel you are barking up the wrong tree here (as has been said a multitude of times). RP that encourages a network split would render the NYA voidable. I am sure that is what you want, but clearly that is not going to happen.

The SegWit2x upgrade has overwhelming consensus as measured by the only Sybil resistant consensus mechanism, the results of which are permanently recorded on the blockchain. Repeatedly claiming the opposite is simply being disingenuous. Please refrain from exacerbating the hostility and toxicity that’s been created in the space.

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BEL has the right idea. It is irresponsible to pretend you have the
consensus necessary to do a smooth upgrade without replay protection,
when you do not. Continuing on this path is hostile to Bitcoin and its

Of course upgrades with consensus do not require replay protection, as
the original chain is meant to die. It is very obvious now that the 1x
chain will not die and any assertion otherwise is intentional ignorance.

There are only two responsible options for the 2x team now that the
mindshare has been lost:

1. Launch 2x with replay protection, creating another altcoin; this will
give miners another SHA256 coin to mine when it is profitable to do so,
but will not provide much real value to the community and will even
compete against BCH, or
2. Don't launch 2x at all, and attempt to create consensus another day.

A responsible team should not consider a third option, where 2x is
launched without protection, causing potentially millions of coins to
leak and untold accounting nightmares for every user and exchange.

Samuel Reed

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>        guarantee) - Ensuring a smooth 2X upgrade without a chain split

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