[Bitcoin-segwit2x] PROPOSAL: B0RG (Bitcoin zero replay, guarantee) - Ensuring a smooth 2X upgrade without a chain split

Peter dizzle at pointbiz.com
Tue Oct 24 15:28:02 UTC 2017

On Oct 24, 2017 10:58 AM, "Chris Stewart via Bitcoin-segwit2x" <
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>RP that encourages a network split would render the NYA voidable

Phillip, if there is consensus on one thing, it is there is going to be a
network split. Every exchange is publishing policies for the chain split.
Some even saying that they will not support the segwit2x token.


The technical lesson from the BCH fork was that 1 hash = 1 vote. Nothing
any exchange (or custodian) said mattered. Indeed because significant
sha256 hashpower was deployed towards the fork it gained value and
customers of exchanges pressured the exchanges into the financially
sensible decision.

This proposal, SegWit2x, is for the miners to decide.

Transaction selection is not a consensus rule. Any miners that want to go
against the Nakamoto signaling is free to do so and the responsible party
(not the 2x devs who have no control over transaction selection). If
because of the political climate some miner sees an economic opportunity to
resurrect the legacy chain then they can modify their node (without
consensus change) to listen to 2x blocks and not mine any transaction IDs
found in the 2x chain.

Additionally, to complete a safe chain resurrection such a miner can
airdrop the mining reward from the forked block (after 100 depth) and send
it to to all addresses with UTXOs over $x value. So that users of the 1x
chain can spend the combined UTXOs which cannot be replayed on 2x, as a
simple splitting solution.

Safety efforts which do not require consensus changes should be exhausted
first before suggesting consensus changes.

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