[Bitcoin-segwit2x] Orderly Process for Coin-Splitting after the fork

Moe Adham moe at bitaccess.co
Tue Oct 24 20:41:02 UTC 2017


I would like to have a *non-political discussion on best practices* for
companies looking to split coins between the two (possible) chains after
the fork.

Given the lack of replay protection, a number of companies that enable
payments will need to temporarily halt operations and split balances to
properly protect our users. This will need to be done quickly to minimize
network downtime

Please don't respond with speculation on why replay protection is needed.
That is not the topic of discussion. The topic of discussion is:
*- Technical means companies can take to securely split coins as quickly as
possible after the fork*

Some approaches are:

   1. RBF: Generate an RBF transactions to a wallet you control, wait for
   transaction to confirm in only 1 chain. Relay another RBF transaction on
   the second chain that spends the entire balance as a fee. Repeat if you
   2. Coinbase: Have miners agree to send a small amount of newly generated
   coins to wallet operators as quickly as possible after the fork, to allow
   wallet operators to split wallets
   3. nLockTime: Wait for chains to sufficiently diverge, and create two
   transactions, which should only confirm on one or the other chain. Repeat
   if you fail

Any suggestions or code snippets are welcome.

*Moe Adham, MSc, BEng **|* Co-Founder
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