[Bitcoin-segwit2x] Updates: BC 0.15, and Opt-in replay protection

Jeff Garzik jeff at bloq.com
Wed Sep 13 14:52:52 UTC 2017


1) A rebase to Bitcoin Core 0.15 is now being tracked in this PR:

This includes performance improvements, as well as addressing Issue #94,
which is an obfuscated tracking issue for the issue jj responsibly
disclosed months ago: https://github.com/btc1/bitcoin/issues/94

This is a major pack of changes, and requires a major round of review and
testing before being merged into the production 'segwit2x' release branch.

2) Opt-in replay protection remains an open issue.  I'm soliciting a final
round of objections and comments, public or private, for Issue #34, which
tracks replay protection: https://github.com/btc1/bitcoin/issues/34

Everyone may track btc1's replay protection through issue #34.   The goal
is to resolve #34 in the next couple weeks at a maximum.  There is at least
one implementation, PR #117, that addresses this issue, that is merge-able
into production 'segwit2x' branch.

Jeff Garzik
CEO and Co Founder
Bloq, Inc.
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