[Bridge] Bridging between multiple VLANs

Richard Gavenda rgavenda at et.trz.cz
Mon Aug 9 01:56:34 PDT 2004

I'm nearly amateur in Linux bridging. I have a bridge based on old Red Hat
distro. On this bridge i was able to build bridge from logical devices (eth0.2,
eth0.7, eth0.8, eth0.9) created using vconfig. Than I test, if packet comes
through eth0.2 device, from specified MAC source with defined MAC destination,
and such packet i let leave bridge through device eth0.7. All goes well, until i
try to make new bridge, based on Fedora Core 2 distro. There's a new version of
bridge, which makes building such bridge no longer possible.
And here comes a question: is there a way how to build a bridge with same
functionality as the old bridge has?

Richard Gavenda

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