[Bridge] ebtables for RH-ES 3.0

Roman Havelka Roman.Havelka at unilever.com
Mon Aug 9 04:52:12 PDT 2004

Dear all,

is there any way how to use ebtables with RedHat ES
3.0 ? I've tried to use a kernel patch for 2.4.21
(also for 2.4.22, 20) but without success (RH support
told me bridging is unsupported now).

By the way what (a stable) version of RH-Fedora is the
best for ebtables ? I'm not very keen on developing,
changing kernels...

Till now I've been using the old "2.4.18-10brnf0.0.7"
+ iptables (based on RH 7.3.). It works very well, but
as for the replacing it to the new HW, it is not very
up-to-date...(also out of any support)

Thank you,
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