[Bridge] Bridging and Ethernet FCS

Lewis Adam-CAL022 Adam.Lewis at motorola.com
Fri Aug 13 11:58:17 PDT 2004

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  legible. ------_=3D_NextPart_001_01C48167.7E2F3D60 =1D=E9eI am trying to
  understand how the bridge code deals with the Ethernet FCS. I have
  written a WLAN driver, and have tied it to eth0 via the bridge
  utilities. What confuses me is that when my hard_start_xmit routine is
  called, when it is receiving data from eth0, it comes complete with the
  FCS. For a typical max length TCP packet, this puts the total frame
  length at 1504, which exceeds the 1500 Ethernet MTU. So if my an
  unknowing driver takes the full payload and sends it across the
  wireless link, where on the other side it is passed back to Ethernet
  (also via the bridge code), it is discarded since 1504 > MTU. How is
  this situation typically dealt with? L=80=00u=A9 [...] =

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