[Bridge] BCP status

Petter Larsen petter.larsen at morecom.no
Tue Aug 24 00:41:10 PDT 2004

Hello Stephen

> > There are several RFC that defines BCP.
> > - RFC 1638
> > - RFC 2878
> > - RCF 3518
> > 
> > Which RFC have you used in your code?
> Actually, none of the above. The code is based on the IEEE 802.1d
> standard, and doesn't know anything about PPP or VLAN's (yet).

Ok. I can't understand that it does not know anything of PPP.
The patches that Dan has submitted is patching the pppd and the
ppp-driver in the Linux kernel.

Are you the maintainer of this code? I thought that it was Dan Eble.
Have you started the work of integrating this to the mainstream kernel,
2.4.x and 2.6.x?

Best regards
Petter Larsen
cand. scient.
moreCom as
913 17 222

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