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First, my email address is dane at aiinet.com.

The status of the BCP code is that it is used in some Applied Innovation
products, but it is not a standard Linux feature because no one has
ported it to the newest versions of the kernel and pppd.  Also, a good
fellow named Matthew N. Dodd was also in touch with me several months
ago.  I do not know the status of BCP in his company's products, but you
should have no problem finding him with a web search engine.

The BCP state machine for PPPD was already a couple years old when I was
assigned to port it to our Linux-based products.  I believe it is based
on RFC 1638.  It did not support STP at all, so I added both the old RFC
1638 "Spanning-Tree-Protocol" option and the newer RFC 2878
"Management-Inline" option.  I do not remember making any other
significant additions.

Note that BCP is not directly relevant to the kernel bridge driver.  BCP
simply provides ethernet over PPP; whether to bridge or to route the
resulting network interface is up to you.

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> Hello
> I can see that BCP is implemeted and posted as patches on the
> mailinglist.
> Can you tell me the status of this work?
> What is the status of getting this code integrated directly in the
> vanilla kernel at kernel.org both 2.4.x and 2.6.x?
> Are the patches for pppd sent to the maintainers of the pppd?
> We are evaluating to use this under a XScale processor.
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