[Bridge] Encrypting Bridge?

Rene Bartsch ML at Bartschnet.de
Tue Aug 24 09:09:42 PDT 2004

On Di, 24.08.2004, 17:36, Josh Wyatt sagte:

>> tunnel at layer 2 can be really useful when it comes to bandwidth
and/or latency matters.
> There is already a tool to do layer-2 bridging with encryption.  Check
out vtun:
> http://vtun.sourceforge.net/
> I use it a great deal to do layer-2 bridging.  It works with the kernel
> driver and works very well.  It can use TCP or UDP as the transport, offers
> compression, etc.  Key management is up to you, however.

As it uses tun/tap I assume compression/encryption is done in user-space,
which means increased latency (I want to use it von IP/Video-telephony).

As VIA claims the PadLock function of the Nehemia cores achieves 12,5
GBit/s with AES at 1 GHz CPU speed and a TDP of 7 Watts, using a
encryption in kernel-space with the PadLock function would mean that you
can en-/decrypt several 100 MBit/s tunnels with a 200,- EUR ITX-machine -
without big latency!


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