[Bridge] bridge's STP problem about topology change

matt matt at iazone.net
Thu Aug 26 03:33:25 PDT 2004

Hi, All:

    I am tring to use STP function on bridge device that refer the
BRIDGE-STP-HOWTO. And I use PING program to test it from PC1 to
PC2. But the forward function is become too long when bridge topology

How can I tuning the STP to make client connect to another again faster?

I have been use follow command. But it seen not this issue. Bcause, if I run
" arp -d " on PC1 and the reply will be immediately.  Or if I run one ping
PC3 to PC2 (PC3 didn't have PC2 arp entry). The PC1 will also get reply

Does any one know what's problem?

/usr/sbin/brctl setbridgeprio mybr 0
/usr/sbin/brctl sethello mybr 1
/usr/sbin/brctl setmaxage mybr 4
/usr/sbin/brctl setfd mybr 4
/usr/sbin/brctl stp mybr on

Two bridge machines are install with linux-2.4.26 and use the ebtables patch

Network environment:

PC1 --------- Bridge 1 ----  PC2
             |----- Bridge 2 ---|
PC3 ----

Very thank for your help


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