[Bridge] Request Help: Error when compiling with Bridging enabled

Sam Stephenson sam.stephenson at ezadcorp.com
Thu Jul 8 09:29:28 PDT 2004

I am attempting to use the bridging-utilities (i.e., bridge-utils-
in an

Linux-arm environment (linux-arm 2.4.19).


But, when executed command listed below, further investigation indicated we
are required to

rebuild kernel to enable the bridging code.


# brctl addbr br0

br_add_bridge: Package not installed


Therefore our initial attempt to rebuild kernel failed as indicated below

"CONFIG_BRIDGE=y" ) in .config file. 


net/network.o: In function `__br_clear_frame_hook':

net/network.o(.text+0x461dc): undefined reference to `br_handle_frame_hook'

net/network.o: In function `__br_clear_ioctl_hook':

net/network.o(.text+0x461fc): undefined reference to `br_ioctl_hook'

net/network.o: In function `br_init':

net/network.o(.text.init+0x2c50): undefined reference to

net/network.o(.text.init+0x2c5c): undefined reference to `br_ioctl_hook'

make: *** [vmlinux] Error 1


Has anyone seen this particular problem? And if so, what was (or is) the


Looking forward to your response. If this is routed inappropriately, please

a list of recipients.


Sam Stephenson

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