[Bridge] Permanent after reboot

Greg Morgan drkludge at cox.net
Sun Mar 14 19:45:56 PST 2004

Wesley GDS wrote:
> Hi there
> I was just wondering if you could help me.  I have set up a bridge 
> between my two eth cards, works fine.  The problem i have is that when i 
> reboot my PC the bridge is lost.  Is there any way i can make this 
> permanent.
> I am running slackware 9.1
There are a set of initialization files or init files in Linux.  You 
will need to write a script.  All the steps that you used to create the 
bridge by hand is what will be stored in this script.   The your script 
will need to be called in runlevel 3 and runlevel 5.  This is how Linux 
systems startup.  You may want to search on System V ( as in five ) 
startup files.  Each distro puts their startup file in a different 
directory.  On Redhat systems it is in /etc/rc.d but I am not sure if 
this is the same for Slackware.

I hope this helps,

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