[Bridge] bridge wlan-eth

Michael Renzmann mrenzmann at web.de
Wed Mar 17 09:34:11 PST 2004


Christoph Kaminski wrote:
> It works and I can from both sides ping the router with the bridge device but 
> I cant ping the devices from other net so I cant ping wlan devs from eth net 
> and other way around
> the wlan card is an atmel usbw11 from linksys and eth is a intel e100 
> 10/100mbit nic

You'll have two problems:
1. The e100 is said to have a problem with bridging, depending on the 
driver you use.

2. You need to have your wlan device working in a special mode, which is 
not available to the atmel-chipsets afaik. This mode is known under many 
names, such as "Host-AP", "Master-Mode", "AP-Mode" and others. Without 
this mode, you won't be able to bridge between wlan and lan. The only 
way to work around this problem then would be to use proxy arp - afair 
there is a daemon available that cares about the wlan-lan situation in 
context to proxy arp. You should find it when searching freshmeat.net 
with "proxy arp" or thelike.

Bye, Mike

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