[Bridge] Bridge utilities compatible driver

ggb112 gerard.borg at anu.edu.au
Tue Nov 9 18:22:18 PST 2004

Hi guys

I am writing a serial network driver. My aim is to bridge two ethernets 
across a serial bridge.
Unfortunately the channel is noisy and slip and ppp are too unreliable.

The driver appears to work by itself and allows two computers  to ping 
each other across a
null modem cable.

The network driver code permits Linux OS ARPing support for ethernet and 
 MAC addresses
are manually assigned by insmod.

The driver is based on  mkiss.c: the packet radio driver for serial ttys 
except that I have eliminated
ax25 specific code, interfaced to IP directly and added some ethernet 

Now the problem...

The network driver cannot be bridged to an ethernet card using the 
bridge-utilities layer 2
bridge tools.

Note that I have  successfully bridged between the ethernet  card and 
other  ethernet like hardware such as
cisco pci340 WiFi by using these tools.

I am using bridge-utilities-0.9.6-1 on linux 2.4.18-14 and linux 2.20-8.

Any ideas about what I should include as software support in the driver 
code that will make bridge-utilities

What does bridge-utilities expect to have available to do its job?


Gerard Borg
Australian National Univesrity

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