[Bridge] unregister_netdevice: waiting for br0 to become free. Usage count = 1 (

Ben Greear greearb at candelatech.com
Wed Aug 31 22:12:33 PDT 2005

Stephen Hemminger wrote:

> Two other recent reports are:
> 1. Buggy applications that hold packets in their input queue forever,
>    and/or netfilters.  The socket buffer's contain a reference for
>    packets in flight.

Surely the sockets listen for the net-unregister event and clean
themselves up???  An app shouldn't be able to hang the kernel
like this...

> 2. The VLAN code had a number of reference bugs, if you look through
>    recent netdev mailing list you will see the discussion.

Could be VLAN code, but my debug patch seems to implicate the ref
leaks in neighbor.c....  I also reproduced with another type of VLANs
other than 802.1q...


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