[Bridge] Cannot ping to the board when changing loop configuration

Prashant Agrawal prashant_0877 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 10 18:50:21 PST 2005

Hi all,

I am running a bridge with STP 'on' on an arm-linux
board. I have two ethernet ports on the bridge both
connected to a single switch thus creating a loop.
Using brctl on the board, I can see one of the port
being blocked and the other forwarding. I can ping the
board from a remote PC connected to the same switch.

    _______ 1       _______       ____
   |       |-------|       |_____|    |
   | Board |xxx----|Switch |     | PC |
   |_______|2      |_______|     |____|

When I disconnect the cable from the forwarding port
(port 1), I can see both the ports going into the
forwarding state. However, when I try to ping the
board again from the remote PC, I am not able to reach
the board anymore. Sniffing the packets show that the
board can receive arp requests on the port 2 but the
arp response is not generated. Sniffing packets on the
bridge interface show arp queries being sent to PC

Please help.


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