[Bridge] Packet loss / performance

Stephen Hemminger shemminger at osdl.org
Fri Jan 14 10:19:57 PST 2005

On Thu, 13 Jan 2005 15:55:37 -0600
<dan-linuxbridge at unpossible.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am attempting to build a bridge capable of functioning as near to gigabit
> speeds as possible, with as many hundreds of thousands of packets per second
> capabilities as possible.
> My bridge system is a dual Opteron 246 (2.0Ghz); Tyan 2882 motherboard; 2 GB
> PC3200 memory (1 GB in each CPU's bank; 128bit configuration); dual e1000
> based NIC; 2.6.9 Kernel; NAPI enabled in the kernel and the NIC drivers; CPU
> affinity ties each eth to a specific CPU; system otherwise idle.

I assume this is 64-bit/66Mhz PCI.
Did you try affiniting both eth's to same CPU. If you are bridging, it 
could be a win otherwise memory ends up bouncing between CPU's which
can be a bandwidth hog.

> Two test systems are connected, one to each interface in the Opteron.  Each
> has a custom kernel with the Linux packet generator pktgen compiled as a
> module.  Each test system can generate approximately 300,000 packets per
> second.
> Before testing the bridge, I tested each eth interface separately.  I
> brought up one interface on the Opteron, configured pktgen on the test
> machine attached to that interface (set the IP address and destination mac
> address) and sent the packets.  Using /proc/net/dev I could see the packets
> being received at the Opteron and zero errors.  I repeated this test on the
> other interface with the same results.  Results the same regardless of
> number of packets sent.  It was able to handle the 300,000pps without issue.
> Next I brought up the bridge.  I reconfigured pktgen on one test machine to
> send packets to the IP and MAC address on the other test machine (across the
> bridge).  When I run pktgen I have about 20% packet loss.
> I sent 100,000 packets;
> eth4 received ~80,000 packets; dropper/errs of ~70,000; ~20,000 fifo
> eth3 sent ~77,000 packets
> Somewhere I lost 20,000 packets at the receiving interface and another three
> thousand before transmitting to the other side of the bridge.

Are you always forwarding from/to same MAC address.
Then figure out where they are being dropped (in board, e1000 driver ring, 
or bridge).

> I built this system based on specs that should do better.  If this were
> running netfilter then I'd expect a capacity of around 700Kpps.  What's
> happening is fairly opaque to me, so I'm not sure what to tune or where to
> look.  Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

oprofile output might help to identify CPU hot spots.

Stephen Hemminger	<shemminger at osdl.org>

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