[Bridge] tcp connection freezes when i dont ping the device first

Peter Warasin peter at endian.it
Fri Jul 8 13:52:29 PDT 2005


have a strange problem:
on a system with kernel with some additional patches (fc-3 
patches and the actual netfilter patch-o-matic) i created a bridge 
containing 1 interface (eth0). (with stp enabled)
(i need this configuration with 1 inserted interface because i bridge 
together on demand the eth0 with a tap-device created by openvpn).

so far so good.. the setup does work as expected, but i always have to 
ping the device first before i can open some tcp connections to it.
without pinging the tcp connection freezes until timeout.

in a vmware-environment it's more strange. there i can't open tcp 
connections at all if i do not ping the device before.

is this normal behaviour because the bridge first has to learn the 
mac-address? i thought before tcp connections arp requests will be sent, 
too :)

ah.. the same behaviour on a system with kernel 2.4.29.


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