[Bridge] brctl masking interrupts ?

Irénée BROCHIER irenee.brochier at etictelecom.com
Mon Jul 18 00:51:10 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I recently discovered that when I am using brctl in my product, I got some =
troubles with a driver which need to quickly handle interrupts. Brct seems =
to "mask interrupts" for long time - more than 6 ms  - when there is ethern=
et traffic in it.

I also noticed that there is a lot of messages on the console when there is=
 trafic in the bridge.Here a sample of messages :

PROTO=3D17 L=3D78 S=3D0x00 I=3D387 F=3D0=
x0000 T=3D128
nf_hook: hook 1 already set.
skb: pf=3D2 (unowned) dev=3Dbr0 len=3D78
PROTO=3D17 L=3D78 S=3D0x00 I=3D387 F=3D0=
x0000 T=3D128

Maybe these two things are linked ?

These messages are quite boring but this is not my real problem. My problem=
 is the enormous interrupt latency that brctl bring in my product.

My product runs with a linux 2.4.27 for arm. =

Is what happens in my product normal ?
Is there any magical patch for my problem ?

Thanks all,


Ir=E9n=E9e B.
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