[Bridge] Problem with bond interface in bridge

Alexander Stolle alexlists at web.de
Mon Jul 18 12:40:32 PDT 2005

Hi @all,

I have a strange problem. Here is the setup: I have a bridging linux box
with 3 NICs (Intel e1000). 1 NIC (eth0) connected to the internet interface
and the other both (eth1 and eth2) are each connected to a different switch
in the bridged network.

I setup bonding (bond0) with active failover for eth1 and eth2. Then I added
eth0 and bond0 to br0 and brought it up with an ip. I am able to ping into
the internet and I can also ping servers in the bridged network from my
bridging linux box.

internet---bridging box---bridged network
		eth0  bond0

But if I try to ping from the internet via the bridging box to the bridged
network, I get a "host not reachable". Looks like the bridge does not
forward anything. Has anybody ever had an equal problem or are there other
possible solutions for my setup? I have tried to add the 3 interfaces to the
br0, but this did not work either (amnd as far as I kniow there is no auto
failover for bridge ports).

Could someone please advise me or give me some tips, so that I can track
down the problem?
Thanks in advance :)

Best, Alex

Dist debian sarge
Bonding Driver, v2.6.0
Kernel 2.4.31
bridge-utils, 1.0.4

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