[Bridge] Bridge not working with jumbo frames

Tad Kollar tkollar at grc.nasa.gov
Thu Jul 21 08:11:31 PDT 2005


I searched the mailman archives for this topic and there were some older
messages that indicate that a large MTU should work, but it's not going
too well here.  I've got three systems (A, B, and C) with kernel; there are back-to-back gigabit connections between A & B and
between B & C. Testing prior to bridging, the MTU is set to 9000 on
every interface and a 100 MB iperf transfer is made between A & B and
then between B & C with no problems.

When the two interfaces on B are bridged and an A to C transfer
attempted, a few packets (four, in the test I'm looking at now) go
through and the session freezes. One of the bridged interfaces on B
shows some frame errors. With an MTU of 1500, and everything else left
the same, the bridge works perfectly.

What additional information can I provide?


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