[Bridge] Bridging VLANs

Josef Brunner Josef.Brunner at azlan.com
Fri Sep 23 00:00:34 PDT 2005

remember the use of the vconfig command. it helps you to define "access
ports" that means that you can tell the system what default vlan (or vlans)
to use for a certain interface (so that it can remove the vlan tag from the
trunked packet)...

if you want to bridge all your  traffic - including vlan traffic - just
confige the bridge in a "normal behaviour". 

just one question: by saying vlan traffic you mean trunk or trunked or
tagged traffic, right ? 


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Hi I have a simple question

I want to bridge both normal ethernet frames and VLAN packets
do I have to explicitly bridge the VLAN packets (e.g. vconfig br0 30)
are they bridge by default
Is it sufficient to configure a VLAN bridge like this or am I forgetting



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