[Bridge] Information needed about bridge c code

Louis Croisez louis.croisez at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 01:31:07 PST 2006

i need to write a little personal patch in the bridge code.
For this patch, i need to know the original src and dst mac addresses
of the packet incoming to the bridge. As i work on a brouter (some
packets are bridged, some are routed based on ebtable rules), packets
that are routed have their mac addresses modified by the IP stack).

I put a software probe in br_input.c::br_handle_frame( ), but there,
the dst mac address is already replaced by the bridge local mac
My question is: where must i put the probe to get the original src and
dst mac addresses? At the driver level? In the bridge, but where?

Thx in advance.
PS: please CC  to louis.croisezATgmail.com, because i am receiving the
digest once per day.

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