[Bridge] q-bridge-mib and snmp question

pfer forgamedev at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 4 08:39:22 PDT 2006

Hello people!

Sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but I was not able
to find a more appropriate mailing list for this.

I would like to set forwarding rule entries in an
ethernet switch, with snmp.

Problem is, it works with the D-link web-manager and
terminal, but not with snmp.

I'd be happy if you could point me to a more
appropriate list too :D

dot1qStaticUnicastTable stores the per-vlan entries I
wish to fill (da-mac address, etc), but when I try to
use something like:

#snmpset -c private -v2c
. x

(the 00004000 egress ports for the 4 numbered vlan for

 the mac, for all ports (0 at end)

I get a "non-writeable" error, contrary to what the
q-brigde-mib rfc says of this entry. (read-write)

The same value can be read back after it is set with
other methods, so it shall be working.

My guess is that I shall set another variable
somewhere, but I can't find it.

I use net-snmp, worked for many stuff fine, so the
problem is not there.

Any suggestions? Someone tried to set static
forwarding rules with 802.1q?

Thanks for help,

Ferenc Pintér

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