[Bridge] Bridge & it's MAC address question

Sven Köhler skoehler at upb.de
Mon Apr 9 11:30:12 PDT 2007

>>>> The bridge physical address is the minimum of all the attached devices.
>>>> This is done because the STP standard requires it.  You can reset it
>>>> to be the same as any of the attached devices. This will not cause a
>>>> problem unless using STP.
>>> You can in fact use any MAC address.  The STP standard recommends using
>>> the minimum address, as that is deterministic, and so it doesn't depend
>>> on the order in which you enslave subdevices.
>> So should restriction be lifted?
> =

> We should definitely allow users to override the MAC address of a
> bridge interface.

Yes, i would love to have that feature.

I'm using a bridge for a Xen host machine. Interfaces of the Xen guests
are dynamically added to and removed from the bridge. At the moment, i
create and add a tun interface to the bridge, so the bridge has a valid
mac address at all.

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