[Bridge] Bridge Problem: Ping works, nothing else does...

Bainbridge, David D David.D.Bainbridge at team.telstra.com
Mon Apr 9 21:38:46 PDT 2007

I'm a newbie to linux to an extent but have a need to set up a linux
bridge to do some paclet loss testing using netem.  I have a PC with two
NIC cards and Fedora 6.  I have created the bridge using the following

#brctl addbr mybridge
#brctl addif mybridge eth0
#brctl addif mybridge eth1
#brctl mybridge up

Physically I have two IP devices with static IP addresses connected to
the two NIC cards via cross over cables.  I have tested the NIC cards in
a non bridged mode and they work fine as normal NICs.  In bridged mode I
can ping the other IP device.  The IP devices are actually realtime
audio over IP codec devices and they stream using RTP on UDP port 5000.
If I connect the cross over cable directly between the two codec devices
the audio is transferred fine, if I put the linux bridge between them I
get nothing but I can still ping.....

A brctl showstp shows the eth0 and eth1 are in forwarding status but
nothing is happenig.  Can anyone help.  Both Eth1 and 0 are set to Ip
address of


David Bainbridge

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