[Bridge] Re: bypass bridge for backup

Flávio Pires flavio.defreitas at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 02:06:42 PST 2007

In article <4734DDF4.9010102 at gurutech.it>
gianluca<gianluca at gurutech.it> wrote:
>  Hi everyone,
>  I'm using linux bridging for a trasparent firewall.
>  There is some kind of external hardware that I can use to bypass
>  my firewall in case of failure?
>  I mean: if I power off my firewall I want to join physically the
>  two network segments without reconnecting any wire (and possibly
> withouttouching any button)

>  Thank You
>  Gianluca

Hi Gianluca,

You can use a bypass NIC like this one
are quite expensive, but it can save your life sometimes! :)



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