[Bridge] STP Loop not blocking

Cameron Schaus cam at schaus.ca
Wed Jan 24 10:22:37 PST 2007

Jake Farrell wrote:
> Recently ran into a problem with the 2.6.18 kernel on Xscale arch when 
> a bridge, with multiple interfaces on it, is configured with a 
> redundant loop. All interfaces are left on forwarding and nexer switch 
> to block when the loop is introduced. This was tested against a 2.6.16 
> kernel and the problem did not occur, interfaces forwared and blocked 
> correctly. Any help would be appreciated.
Since you haven't give much detail on your setup (is stp enabled on both 
bridges, for example), I'm not 100% clear what may be happening.  But it 
does sound like something I ran into before.

See my post, and Stephen's reply:


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