[Bridge] VLAN headers disappearing

Leigh Sharpe lsharpe at pacificwireless.com.au
Mon Jan 29 16:05:22 PST 2007

Hi all, 
 I'm having trouble bridging VLANs.
By doing the following:

vconfig add eth1 10
vconfig add eth2 10
brctl addbr br10
brctl addif br10 eth1.10
brctl addif br10 eth2.10
ifconfig eth1.10 up
ifconfig eth2.10 up
ifconfig br10 up

I create a bridge which bridges packets tagged with VLAN ID 10.

ebtables -A FORWARD --log -j ACCEPT

Results in lots of log entries in /var/log/messages, as one would expect.

ebtables -F
ebtables -A FORWARD -p 8021q --log -j ACCEPT

Results in absolutely nothing in /var/log/messages, which would indicate that at some point, the VLAN headers are disappearing from my bridged packets.

Having had somebody else have a look at this to confirm that I had it right, I got this response from them:

>  eth1 -> eth1.10 -> br0 -> eth2.10 -> eth2
>This works fine using *untagged* vlan packets.
>Using that layout with *tagged* vlan packets, however, reveals what
>seems to be a bug in the Linux bridge code in combination with the vlan
>I was able, in that configuration, to see tagged packets come in on eth1
>and eth1.10, and to see them matched by the ebtables rules on eth1.10.
>The *outbound* packets, on eth2, were sent as untagged Ethernet frames;
>something in the bridge or vlan process had stripped the vlan header
>I was able to reproduce this issue with a stock Linux 2.6.17 kernel,
>without any of my code involved, so I believe it to be a bug in the
>underlying kernel networking code.

So, is this a bug? Or have I got something horribly wrong?
Leigh Sharpe
Network Systems Engineer
Pacific Wireless

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