[Bridge] BitTorrent still crashes Linux firewall running bridging :-(

Patrick McHardy kaber at trash.net
Thu Nov 29 08:45:21 PST 2007

Jay Libove wrote:
> Unfortunately, I did speak too soon, dammit. Even after replacing the
> Quad Tulip card with three independent Ethernet cards, BitTorrent
> (actually, Azureus) downloads are still regularly crashing this Linux
> firewall running bridging.
> So, back to the drawing board. What's the next diagnostic step? I guess
> I could just kill the VoIP device for a day or two. Who needs home phone
> service, anyway? Oh, yeah, wait, my wife... So, next diagnostic steps,
> please?

Try capturing an oops using serial console or netconsole and post it.

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