[Bridge] Flushing MAC-tables(?)

Dennis Borgmann dennis.borgmann at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 28 05:11:03 PDT 2007

Hi Francesco,

I already tried playing around with the ageing timer, but it did not
help me.

Since I am using Kernel 2.4: is there no way of flushing the FDB?

Thanks so far,

Francesco Dolcini schrieb:
> Dennis Borgmann wrote:
>> So at a certain point of time, there seems to be a flushing of some
>> bridge-tables, but I don't know, how I could influence this behaviour.
>> Is this "flushing" somehow to be done manually? Or is there a timer,
>> which sets this behaviour?
> in recent kernel (not in 2.4, and maybe only in recent 2.6) you can
> flush the FDB using sysfs:
> /sys/class/net/%s/bridge/flush (whole bridge)
> /sys/class/net/%s/brif/%s/flush (single interface)
> If you want you can lower the ageing timer from the default 300sec
> using brcl setageing
> Maybe you can just force your phone to register more frequently so the
> bridge will just learn the new port when you move.
> Francesco

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