[Bridge] strange bridge problems bridges unable to forward

neeraj kharbanda nettlynx at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 10:47:49 PDT 2008

The scenario is a large ethernet network with lots of switches and hubs.

PCs.......... ap-client(wds).....................ap(wds1)..........PCs.
Though this problem i had 1 year back also with mikrotik running up as
bridge and station-wds mode.
Now I'd the same problem with wrt. PCs on client side can ping till ap but
they are unable to ping any computers connected to the ap or vice versa. If
i arping from the ap side i get the mac address and then they will start
pinging after some time again the same problems crops up. Sometime it pings
sometimes it doesn't. It seems that ap is unable to send arp broadcast (some
problem with bridge ?).
One thing i forgot to tell in both cased the bridges ran well for few weeks.
Awaiting someone throws some light over it.
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