[Bridge] bridging with gre tunnel

Herbert Xu herbert at gondor.apana.org.au
Mon Jul 14 04:45:48 PDT 2008

Philip Craig <philipc at snapgear.com> wrote:
> Actually, this change doesn't really belong in GRE either, because
> that forces you to choose between ethernet encapsulation and not.
> It could be a new device that sits on top of GRE and simply does
> ethernet encapsulation then passes it to the raw GRE device.
> That's a lot of infrastructure for something so simple though,
> and I don't think people will want to use both devices at once.

What's the problem with using Ethernet encapsulation on such a
GRE device? If you're referring to the fact that user-space uses
the encapsulation type to determine whether a device is a tunnel,
then we should fix those tools instead.

Rather than trying to resuscitate the ioctl interface, please
create a new extensible netlink interface and make ip(8) use it
where available.

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