[Bridge] 802.1q packets

Fulvio Ricciardi fulvio.ricciardi at zeroshell.net
Tue Jul 22 10:40:32 PDT 2008

> Fulvio Ricciardi wrote:
> > I notice that with the Kernel the 802.1q VLAN
> > tagged packets larger than 1470 bytes are not forwarded
> > at all by a bridge.
> > I think there is a bad interaction between bridge and
> > netfilter codes. Any chance to a have a patch to solve
> > this problem that limit the possibility to use the Linux
> > bridges in a environment with VLANs?
> Is it maybe problem described here?
> If so, it was reported more than one year ago and still
> none of developers care about it.

Yes, it is exactly the same problem. Thanks for the patch
that I hope developers will include it in the vanilla Kernel
as soon as possible.

Fulvio Ricciardi

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