[Bridge] A bridge with a single interface???

John Cavanaugh john_p_cavanaugh at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 25 18:17:55 PDT 2008

Sorry if this is a stupid question.

Im trying to create a bridge that will dynamically add interfaces as needed
(actually openvz veth interfaces).   Im having some problems when I create a
bridge with only one interface.  When I do that all my networking on my
localhost stops.

Here is a cmd history as an example

  547  ifconfig eth0
  548  ifconfig
  549  brctl addbr vbr0
  550  brctl setfd vbr0 0
  551  ifconfig eth0 up
  552  brctl addif vbr0 eth0
  553  brctl addif vbr0 veth105.0
  554  ifconfig
  555  ifconfig vbr0 up
  556  ifup vbr0

At this point the bridge is up and has an ip address

  557  ping      [This is my router]

The ping succeeds...

  558  brctl delif vbr0 veth105.0
  559  ping

This fails.

  560  brctl addif vbr0 veth105.0
  561  ping

This works...

Am I doing something wrong??  I wouldnt think a bridge would die if only a
single interface.

John cavanaugh
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