[Bridge] 802.1q packets

Fulvio Ricciardi fulvio.ricciardi at zeroshell.net
Mon Jun 30 10:07:51 PDT 2008

> That mostly rules out other devices in the path as the
> cause of the problem.  There's just one chance of a
> netfilter interaction that I can think of: netfilter may
> cause fragments to be recombined, without netfilter the
> fragments could be bridged.  Are you running the ping
> command from the bridge itself, or across the bridge? (I
> presume across the bridge because you are discussing the
> FORWARD chain only)

I ping across the bridge. If instead a ping from the bridge
itself, all works right.

> Do the large ping requests show up in the iptables
> counters?

Yes, in any case (either ping -s 1472 and ping -s 1473) the
packets are counted in the FORWARD chain.

> What happens if you set no fragmentation when you run
> ping?

it's the same


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