[Bridge] Bridging heterogeneous networks

Breno Jacinto breno at freeunix.com.br
Tue Sep 16 23:04:03 PDT 2008

Hello, this is my first post here, I'm glad I found out this great
piece of work, congratulations to everyone involved.

    I'm working on a project where we intend to integrate different
link-layer technologies, specifically, Bluetooth, 802.11 networks and
Ethernet. Since we want to escape IP routing and stay layer 3
independent, we are studing solutions at a level like MPLS's layer

    After reading some documentation on the page about the Linux
Ethernet Bridge, I'm wondering if someone has had a similar experience
and can tell me if there's a possibility of this being achieved. If
not, what are the challenges? Is there any driver-specific issues
involving any of the technologies?

   My feeling is that this is possible since Bluetooth supports BNEP
(Ethernet emulation), 802.11 is supposed to be ethernet-like and
Ethernet is already supported.

thanks in advance,

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