[Bridge] Out of memory problem

Tekale Sharad-FHJN78 FHJN78 at motorola.com
Thu Apr 9 02:46:50 PDT 2009

Hi, I'm using linux and our kernel is freeze.
The problem is, if I create a Software bridge using $brctl command. and
add two interfaces say, eth0.0 and eth0.1 using

$brctl addbr br-lan
$brctl addif br-lan eth0.0
$brctl addif br-lan eth0.1
and when i send traffic from a host connected to one port to host
connected at other end, soon all the memory is dried up and and kernel
then oom-killer gets invoked which kills all the processes finally
system reboots.
I googled for solution or patch, I saw the same defect was reported by
some people, but in between only the threaded ended, with no exact
solution. Don't know Y???
Can any one help me to refer to some patch to point some location in
code from where memory is failed to deallocate.
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