[Bridge] Out of memory problem

Stephen Hemminger shemminger at vyatta.com
Mon Apr 13 08:00:09 PDT 2009

On Mon, 13 Apr 2009 16:58:20 +0800
"Tekale Sharad-FHJN78" <FHJN78 at motorola.com> wrote:

> Hi, I'm using linux and our kernel is freeze.
> The problem is, if I create a Software bridge using $brctl command. and
> add two interfaces say, eth0.0 and eth0.1 using
> $brctl addbr br-lan
> $brctl addif br-lan eth0.0
> $brctl addif br-lan eth0.1
> and when i send traffic from a host connected to one port to host
> connected at other end, soon all the memory is dried up and and kernel
> crashes, 
> then oom-killer gets invoked which kills all the processes finally
> system reboots.
> Can any one help me to refer to some patch  or point some location in
> code from where memory is failed to deallocate.
> Thanks,
> Sharad.

Most likely, you have created a loop and are not running spanning
tree. When a loop happens, packets multiply until all resources are

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