[Bridge] [PATCH 1/3] net: introduce a list of device addresses dev_addr_list

Patrick McHardy kaber at trash.net
Wed Apr 15 04:22:32 PDT 2009

Jiri Pirko wrote:

>> Since you obviously need a write lock here to be sure following
>> can be done by one cpu only.
>> You have same problem all over this patch.
> Yes, as Dave wrote, this is guarded by RTNL mutex.

This was incorrect. IPv6 adds multicast addresses in softirq context.

>>> +
>>> +	ha = kzalloc(sizeof(*ha), GFP_ATOMIC);
>> kzalloc(max(sizeof(*ha), L1_CACHE_SIZE), GFP_...) is thus higly recommended here.
>> Also, why GFP_ATOMIC is needed here ?
> Yes, it is not needed here. I've copied it here from the original unicast and
> multicast add funtion to stay close but as I can see, there is no need for it
> there either.
> Noted.

Also needed for IPv6 in softirq context.

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