[Bridge] [PATCH 1/3] net: introduce a list of device addresses dev_addr_list

Eric Dumazet dada1 at cosmosbay.com
Wed Apr 15 05:28:37 PDT 2009

Jiri Pirko a écrit :
> Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 11:27:50AM CEST, dada1 at cosmosbay.com wrote:

>> kzalloc(max(sizeof(*ha), L1_CACHE_SIZE)) is thus higly recommended here.
> You mean PAGE_CACHE_SIZE? I think that would be little wasting... But I see your
> point...

No, I meant L1_CACHE_BYTES    (usually 64 bytes on x86), I always confuse BYTES and SIZE on this one...

>>> +	list_for_each_entry(ha, list, list) {
>>> +		if (i++ != ignore_index &&
>>> +		    !memcmp(ha->addr, addr, addr_len)) {
>>> +			if (--ha->refcount)
>>> +				return 0;
>>> +			list_del_rcu(&ha->list);
>>> +			synchronize_rcu();
>> Oh well... I'm pretty sure this synchronize_rcu() call can be avoided,
>> dont you think ? Check kfree_rcu() or equivalent, as it seems not yet
>> included in current kernels...
> Well once kfree_rcu() will be in the tree I will be happy to replace this.

If kfree_rcu() not yet available, please use a regular call_rcu() construct
(thus adding a struct rcu_head rcu; in struct netdev_hw_addr)

If you delete say 10 addresses on a device, while RTNL (or other lock) locked,
that means a lot of calls to synchronize_rcu() and a long lock hold time.

>>> +			kfree(ha);
>>> +			return 0;
>>> +		}
>>> +	}
>>> +	return -ENOENT;
> <snip>
>>> +	err = __hw_addr_add(&dev->dev_addr_list, addr, sizeof(*addr));
>>> +	if (!err) {
>>> +		/*
>>> +		 * Get the first (previously created) address from the list
>>> +		 * and set dev_addr pointer to this location.
>>> +		 */
>>> +		rcu_read_lock();
>> locking is not correct or unnecessary
> Agree that here locking is not necessary, but I wanted to stay consistent to the
> rest of the code. Do you think I should remove locking here entirely?

Yes, it is very confusing for reviewers because we feel patch submiter
is not comfortable with locking rules.

Check for example dev_add_pack() in net/core/dev.c : It uses list_add_rcu()
but as it also uses a regular spinlock, there is no point using rcu_read_lock().

void dev_add_pack(struct packet_type *pt)
        int hash;

        if (pt->type == htons(ETH_P_ALL))
                list_add_rcu(&pt->list, &ptype_all);
        else {
                hash = ntohs(pt->type) & PTYPE_HASH_MASK;
                list_add_rcu(&pt->list, &ptype_base[hash]);

Please note list_add_rcu() (and/or rcu_assign_pointer()) are still needed to protect
readers that dont use the spinlock at all.

If you use fact that RTNL is locked when calling your code, you could add
at strategic points so that this assertion can be checked at runtime.

(but Patrick & David wrote that you should not assume RTNL, so you probably need another lock...)

Thank you

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